Waves Domains overview

Waves Domains is a decentralized naming protocol on the Waves blockchain.

At Waves Domains, you can purchase a domain name like some-name.waves. Ownership of the name is confirmed by NFT, and you are free to dispose of the name: publish, sell, transfer, use in various games and DeFi services.

The protocol is designed to be extensible, and everyone is welcome to contribute to its development. Over time, new features for domain owners will become available.

Take advantages of domain name

🔷 Bind your wallet address

Blockchain addresses are cumbersome and impossible to memorize. A convenient human-friendly name will represent you in UIs of various Waves-based services, including wallet apps, blockchain explorers, games and DeFi services.

Your account will be easy to find by name. Your customers and partners will be able to transfer cryptocurrency to you by entering your name instead of address. The feature is already available in Keeper Wallet.

An account can own any number of names. Later it will be possible to choose a priority name.

🔷 Create subdomains

The Waves Domains root registrar registers top-level domains like something.waves. In the future, having such a name, you will be able to configure your own registrar smart contract and assign subsidiary domain names like gizmo.something.waves — that includes selling subdomains to other users.

The nesting of subdomains is not limited by the protocol, only by the blockchain itself: in particular, by the maximum complexity of smart contracts invoked.

🔷 Sell or transfer your domain

Each domain name is represented as an NFT. You can sell your NFT, exchange it or send it to another user. The new NFT holder will be able to register the name to their address in the root registrar and become the new owner of the name.

How it works

Waves Domains provides the @waves-domains/client JavaScript library. With this library, third-party apps can:

  • replace domain names entered by users with real addresses before signing transactions;

  • [coming soon] display names instead of addresses in the UI.

To convert names to addresses, the library refers to the Waves Domains root registrar. The root registrar checks the record of the top-level domain in its data storage on the blockchain and the presence of the NFT corresponding to the domain name on the owner's account. To look up information about a subdomain, the root registrar invokes the domain registrar.

Domain name expiration date

The right to use a domain name is valid for a year, renewable. The limited term of ownership is economically justified and discourages unfair practices such as squatting of popular names.

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